Winrar extracting error, cannot access the file?

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I downloaded a zip file from my email containing bulk of pictures jpg pictures to be exactly.

When I tried to extract the pix, somewhat message appears saying that it cannot open the file because it was in use.

How could it be in use, if I was just extracting it from being zip?

Here’s the message I got from extracting those files.

WinRAR: Diagnostics messages


" " cannot open <filename>

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

I saved it in clipboard and when I tried to open it cannot be found.

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Winrar extracting error, cannot access the file?


hi there

something wrong happened, normally when you select a file to download it will create same file in the destination while it downloading. it depend on the software that you using. some applications make temporary files and after download finish it will create the whole download file and will display in the destination, in here your problem may have occurred due to opening file during it download. so please confirm whether the zip file has downloading or not before you open it

on the other hand after download before you open your virus guards normally scan the content of the download files. may be there is problem with the virus scanning process related to your downloaded file and it may cause to open your file.

check the download file and also assure that download file is okay or not. download errors also can lead to a mess


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