Problem in Windows Live Movie Maker.

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Hello guys,

I am using Win7Pro 64bits and when I want to put a movie,I receive an error message :


Windows Live Movie Maker

Sorry, your movie can't be saved. Find any missing files or remove the unusable items from your project, 
And then try again.
Error: 0xC00D0BC3
I have tested reboot, reinstall, repair, and update all Windows updates, but the error is still kept on appearing.

What is needed to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Problem in Windows Live Movie Maker.


Hi . I would first suggest you to check your  current Windows Live Movie Maker  version. Please open Windows Live Movie Maker, choose File (ALT+F) and select About Movie Maker. You will see the current version of Windows Live Movie Maker you are using. 

The latest version of Windows Live Movie Maker is 15.43555.308. If you found that you are currently using the outdated version, I recommend you to download and install the updated one. Kindly refer to the link given

Please ensure that you are running  the file formats supported by  Windows Live Movie Maker.  These are several video file types support in Windows Live Movie Maker

1.    .wmv

2.    .asf and .wm

3.    .m2ts and  .m2t

4.    .mov and .qt

5.    .avi

6.    .avi and .mov

For more info about  the types of supported file formats, click here

It is vital to have the correct codecs installed on your computer because Audio and Video really require codecs to play the video file .  For codecs, you may try running the Microsoft Fixit tool by clicking this link

I hope this little help will be useful for you. 

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