Windows Update Error number: 0x800703E3

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Hi Friends,

While installing Windows 8 Service Pack 1 on Windows Vista I received an error message. I think it was updating smoothly but finally stopped updating throwing the error message. The screenshot of the error message is as under.

Have you any idea for the issue?

Please help me to get a remedy.

I will thankful for the help.

Error Copying File or Folder

Windows Update Error number: 0x800703E3

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Windows Update Error number: 0x800703E3


Hi Gerardo Thomass,

You should install windows 8 Service Pack 1 in a separate drive not the drive in which you have Windows Vista. If you want to make you PC dual booting. If you want to only install Windows 8 Service Pack 1 in your system then you need to format your drive C then install it. You won't be displayed any error messages.
Before that please back up your personal data into a USB drive.Moreover, if you want to keep both the operating system in your PC then first stop windows updating logging into vista operating system. You can find windows updating option in control panel.
Then install new operating system windows 8 Service pack 1. In a separate drive.
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Windows Update Error number: 0x800703E3


Hello Gerardo,

 In your case it seems that you are installing two windows in one folder and should not be. If you want create a dual booting system, you must install the two operating system in a separate folder, one folder for vista and one folder for windows 8.

Or just simply install them in separate partitions.

But if you prefer to upgrade permanently your system into a newer version of windows,  back up all your files before you execute the upgrading process. To begin the process, let your machine boots from bootable CD’s, DVD’s or a Flash Drive.

Do not simply run your windows installer on running windows, it will give another problem if that’s the case.

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