Problem opening some application after installing a utility

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I have Windows 7 installed on my computer and I was so happy with it, when it worked fine. But recently I am having trouble with it from the day I have installed a utility. I am getting problems like program conflict.

That is whenever, I try to open any application it gives me an error, that the program is already running or the program is not installed properly. I tried to clean up bugs that I thought  would have caused the problem but they have not actually done it. Even after running a full scan and clearing the virus I tried opening some programs,  which I faced a problem with, but the status is the same.

Anyone faced the same problem?  Help me solve this.

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Problem opening some application after installing a utility


If you say that the problem that you have on your computer, is only after installing a software, then we need to do some troubleshooting steps around the software side that you have installed recently. But before that, first we should make sure  whether the software that you have recently installed is creating the problem.

For that, you need to try to uninstall the software that you have installed. To do so,

  1. GO to Start;
  2. Control Panel;
  3. Inside control panel you may see a list of icons.
  4. Look for an icon, which says Programs and Features.
  5. Just below that you may see a link named, Uninstall program. Click on that.
  6. Now you will see all the software’s that are installed on your computer. Identify the software that you have recently installed and then Select Remove.
  7. Then you will get a Uninstall Wizard.  Just follow the steps mentioned in it to uninstall the software .
  8. After uninstalling the Software if you find the problem is solved then, you must try to install it in a proper way or make sure the software is not corrupted.
  9. One thing we can do about this problem is that you can install the program and then visit the software manufacturer's site to check for any update for the software. Download and install the updates and  check whether the problem still exists.
  10. If not,  then we may conclude that the outdated software was the one causing the trouble. If it has not fixed the problem then you need to check the compatibility of the software with the OS that you have in your computer and also make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  11. Finally there may be some trouble with the software installation media, where at the time of blurring the image, there are some chances for some files to be missed.

So I hope by doing this the problem might be solved.

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Problem opening some application after installing a utility


Your problem is Windows error. It is very heard problem.If you want to  solve this problem you can do that update your Windows 7 or you change Windows 7. You can install new Windows 7. Then you do not face an error.I remind that your problem will be solve.If you have not new Windows 7 you search Google and Download Windows 7 and then install this Windows 7.

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Problem opening some application after installing a utility



The cause of the problem is the utility that you said you installed. Some files of the utility may have been infected by a virus and in return affected some files of your operating system. The best solution therefore is to reinstall your Windows 7 Operating System.


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