Windows Showing error message repeatedly

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I am facing some kind of problem in my desktop. It shows the same message repeatedly. The message looks like this. “A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. ”

I am using a dual core processor with 1 GB RAM. I am using Windows XP professional. Please help me with suggestions.

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Windows Showing error message repeatedly


Hi Bennison,

It's easy to resolve this problem just follow my instructions carefuly.

  • I'm sorry to tell you that there is only one way to resolve this problem this way is formatting totally all your hard driver (Low Level Format).
  • If you have important Data don't worry you can bring an Ubuntu CD/DVD install it and rescue all your file (movies pictures music ….).
  • After rescuing your data insert your OS CD and restart your computer .
  • Format all partitions you have be careful don't choose quick Format (you need Law Level Format).
  • After formatting recreate new partitions  and then install the OS.
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Windows Showing error message repeatedly


Do you check that which program is giving this error message if this error is from windows then you have to reinstall your window if you found the error form another program then you can try to solve the problem through this program. To see that what program is giving this error you can go to ALT + CTRL + DEL and then see which process is going on with this task once find you can delete that task or program form your computer and it will solve your problem in other case you can go to safe mode and then can run your window and see it the message appears or not. If the message appears then you can recheck the same process and if you have set some previous state in your PC then you can go to it or if you have created a backup then you can also implement it. But in case you have no choice then you can simply format your drive and then reinstall a window.

Also you can run a full scan to your disk to make it error free. To make a disk check you can do these steps:

  1. Go to START and then to RUN and type cmd.
  2. Under this new window type chkdsk and press enter.
  3. Once you have pressed enter computer will check your disk for errors if you found some errors on disk the try to recover them or you can run a disk defragment to make your disk error free. It will help you a lot to solve your problem.

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