A Windows mobile with hd2 rom thai.

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A windows mobile with hd2 ROM Thai.

How would I be able to convert this Thai language in my windows mobile phone to English?

I cannot read all the possible application to be configured.

I need to solve this problem as soon as possible, I know you can give me some help and suggestion.


Kimberly Walker.

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A Windows mobile with hd2 rom thai.



Windows Mobiles are really handy and good phones, but sadly, one of the worst sides they have it's their language support. The bad news it’s that you can’t change the language, except by buying an English one.

The good news is that you can use 3rd Party add-on like CE-Star (which is the best in my opinion and the most commonly used), it was made for Chinese and Japanese support but it can also be used to change the phone’s language to English.

Windows Mobile Standard/Smartphone

Keep in mind that you can still change the regional settings. Depending on which Windows Mobiles you have, here are the steps to follow:

Windows Mobile Standard/Smartphone (Non Touch Screen).

  • Go To Start.
  • Settings.
  • Regional Settings and Choose Language.
  • The number of languages listed here will differ on different phones.

Windows Mobile Professional (Touch Screen).

  • Start.
  • Settings.
  • System.
  • Regional Settings: Here you can choose a supported language.

In addition, if you have a custom ROM image prompt, when you hard reset the device, it asks you for the location and then installs regional language packs.

Travis Scott.

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