Open cart booking for hotel system.

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Open cart booking for hotel system. I need to came up with a website creation that will probably books the customer for renting a specific room in a hotel, also include some hotel reservation. Is there a tutorial related to open cart booking? Give me some ways to learn for I am still on the planning process.

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Open cart booking for hotel system.



You can get a hotel booking software with an open cart system that's so straight forward & i believe wouldn't be a problem working with it. I do believe it also suits your need of the website you are trying to build up. It has various features which i can highlight for you.

  1. Clients will be able to book easily without much difficulty as all the steps are laid out.
  2. You can customize hotel rooms with different prices or charging rates.
  3. Once a client's information is entered into the system, its stored into the MS Access database for future reference hence a client can book again without submitting their personal information again.
  4. Enables client reservation for specific dates with advanced payments.

Here is a link to download the software which integrates with any Windows platform available. There is a free trial download which after you can purchase at a fee of $79.90.

A screenshot of the main client page for entering information & booking process.

Hotel management system

Hope that helps out. 

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Open cart booking for hotel system.


Since this has something to do with websites that provide online reservations, I will just suggest different software that you can use and run on your website to do online reservations like hotel booking and stuffs.

  • OpenHotel – Hotel Software — they offer hotel Property Management System [PMS] and Booking Engine software. They also provide an Open Hotel Online Reservation System that is accessible from a Smartphone which is great for guests who want to do the reservation from a mobile phone.
  • Globekey – Online reservations systems — they offer hotel online reservation software that doesn’t need any downloading and installing. You only need a computer with an internet connection. The guests visiting your website only need to click on a Globekey provided link to check for availability. The Globekey screens that guests see when doing the reservation looks exactly as your website. They offer a demo and a free trial.

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