Windows internet Explorer has encountered an error

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This is a problem with the website being visited and not with your computer. So far most indicators point to I Google being the culprit for why this has become so popular but I have been unable to reproduce the error on Firefox, Chrome, or IE8. IE6 or IE7 may be to blame. The suggested solution is then to update your browser to the latest version or consider switching to another browser for the time being like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks.

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Windows internet Explorer

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Windows internet Explorer has encountered an error


Hello there!!

Actually you are getting this error message due to the browser related issue and not your system related issue. As your browser seems to be very old, either you have not updated your browser or your browser version is too old to open any such kind of website as today's website generally require or uses the HTML 5 technology and the internet explorer generally lacks this (especially the older one). So you need to upgrade the browser by downloading the latest version of it available in the market.This will help you.

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Windows internet Explorer has encountered an error


That’s true because Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 are very old and may no longer be compatible with modern websites that have modern scripts running. Even the latest Adobe Flash Player may not work properly when used with this browser. Literally, I myself don’t use Microsoft Internet Explorer because most websites don’t support it or display incorrectly.

If you have any of these web browsers installed, don’t use them. Update them first to the latest possible version supported by your operating system to avoid encountering errors like this. It would also be best to just use other browsers like the Opera browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Also, whenever you visit websites, always make sure that your web browser us up-to-date.

This ensures that the browser is performing at optimal speed with much lesser errors that can be encountered.

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