How can be done nvidia fix for Skype (dotted video)?

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How can be done NVIDIA fix for Skype in case of if new NVIDIA driver 285.62 caused distorting of my webcam’s video (when I open my webcam to have video calls at Skype)? It happened after I have updated my video card drivers to this one. I do not wish to restore because I need this driver to play games!

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How can be done nvidia fix for Skype (dotted video)?


Hey Araceliariana,

The problem you are facing could be the outcome of following reasons:

  1. You might have installed an incompatible or outdated webcam driver.
  2. You must be facing this problem on both Skype and native application for your webcam utility software. It is not conflicting in the way it should but in the near future it may create problems for your GFX card because these kind of issues tend to overheat the GFX Memory chip.
  3. You might have updated your previous driver with this new driver. Instead of doing this, always install a driver from the scratch, do not update until or unless the software update is made available by the company of your GFX card automatically (normally it is shown via a notification in windows updates).

You may try following solutions to this problem.

  1. Try updating your graphics driver if it is the most updated version then roll back the driver to the most previous version that was working.
  2. Try installing the new version of Skype and see if the problem persists.
  3. Try going to the windows notification center and enable automatic updates to automatically check for the obsolete drivers that are installed on your computer.


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How can be done nvidia fix for Skype (dotted video)?




You have to uninstall old version & download new version from this site
here you can easily download the file..

Again you have to renew the graphics driver , then install it & turn on automatic updates so that you can recognise the specific situation of your software.

Thank  you

Brandy Gilmore

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