Windows Essential business server installation wizard error

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Hi experts,

I am setting up windows Essential business server installation wizard. I have already configured the MMSC configuration container in active directory including the status of each server set up. I think I made a mistake of manually cleaning up the active directory objects and settings and thus damaging the directory, the environment required by Windows Essential Business Server. Now I keep getting the following error message;

Windows Essential Business Server Error

Domain Join Error

Setup failed to find the server : Messaging in Active Directory.


 I know the error came about by cleaning the directory manually. My question, is there a way of repairing the directory or I will have to format and re install the server?

Thank you.

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Windows Essential business server installation wizard error


Hi Samuel6!

Yes, manually cleaning up the Active Directory objects will generate this error. You can restore the missing object by using ADRestore by Sysinternals.

Type "Adrestore -r messaging" (without quotations) from the Management server.

Type in "y" when asked "Do you want to restore this object (y/n)?"

Then format and reinstall the server but this time allow it to perform the cleanup by itself.

The installation wizard will handle the necessary cleanup.

Hope this solves your problem!

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Windows Essential business server installation wizard error



Hi there user:

The problem I see here is that you didn’t clean-up a previous (incomplete) installation. Manually deleting in active directory wasn’t a good idea. Now you know what the cause of this error is.

All you have to do is to launch ADrestore with this syntax Adrestore-r <MessagingServerName> from the Management Server. And yes, you must format and reinstall the server (failed server) to allow EBS set-up to manage a clean-up process.

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