Windows Defender warning message about a software

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I have the default Windows Defender enabled on my machine. I have installed the TightVNC to do remotely view my other PC’s.

TightVNC is an application that I use every day and am not sure how to get it out of the Windows defender’s list.

And every time I reboot my machine I have this pop up. I already tried to remove it once and still it keeps coming back with the same pop up the next time I reboot the machine.

Is there a real infection in the TightVNC? Or is there a kind of vulnerability that Windows defender is picking it up as unwanted software?

Review harmful or potentially unwanted software

Review harmful or potentially unwanted software

Windows Defender detected programs that you might not want to run.

Understanding alert levels

Name                                                           Alert level

RemoteAccess:Win32/TightVNC                Medium

                                           Remove All        Review         Ignore

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Windows Defender warning message about a software



Windows Defender, the anti Malware suite that comes with licensed copies of Windows, will pick up Tight VNC as “remote control software.” (1) This is done in order to protect you, the end user, from malicious software that can be used to control your computer remotely. There is no “infection” provided you downloaded from a reputable source. Unfortunately legitimate software such as Tight VNC can be flagged.

Step 1 – Run a full scan of Windows Defender.

Step 2 – After the scan has finished, select the option that lets you review items that were detected under “Scan Results”.

Step 3 – Select the always allow option.

Reboot your machine. Please remember to allow Windows defender a full scan.

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