Error reinstalling Windows Vista 64-bit.

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Hi, I was using Gateway Recovery Center to reinstall Windows Vista 64-bit. In the middle of the process, the following error message suddenly popped out (see image below):


Install Windows

The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected
error. Windows  installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click
“OK” to restart the computer, and then restart the installation"

How can I fix it and proceed with the installation process?

Please help in this.

Thank in advance.

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Error reinstalling Windows Vista 64-bit.


Hello Mr. Jerry Blando, we know Vista 64 is a 64-bit operating system. Vista 64 is allowing you to have more involved memory than a comparable 32-bit system.

Vista 64 is Troubleshooting the installation procedure where the computer fails to boot into the operating system. This efficacy will automatically situate the error and correct it.
You will needed Vista installation disk. Then follow these steps: At first Insert the installation disk, then Start the system then

presses any key to boot from CD, and then Select choose keyboard, then currency, and then Select language. Finally, you have to “Select the Repair this Computer” option.

Then the system is automatically troubleshooting the machine through scanning the files to find the problem and then automatically repairing it.

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