Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic

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Which has a greater capacity, Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic?

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Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic



Hi Ajfa03,

  There are two things we should consider when you are talking about the difference in capacity in the different versions of Windows 7. One, capacity may denotatively mean the required space upon installing a specific Windows 7 version, and second, capacity may also mean the “difference in their capabilities and features”. Well, whatever you mean well just take both of these into consideration.

In space requirement, Windows 7 Starter takes about approximately 11.36GB while Windows 7 Home Basic takes about approximately 10.73GB. Windows 7 Starter takes more space than the other Windows 7 version.

In their capabilities and features, they are somehow similar, yet different in some aspects.

 Let’s start with Windows 7 Starter. This edition is the first version; thus, its features are fewer compared to Home Basic. It is only applicable in 32-bit version. Windows Aero is not applied to this version. It cannot change its desktop background and visual style; however, this limitation was dropped by manufacturers who were using OEM licenses. And it is has a limit in opening applications concurrently.

Windows 7 Home Basic is a bit advance to Windows 7 Starter since it is the next version of Windows 7. It has Windows Aero applied; however, it is not the full version of Windows Aero. It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is able to change the desktop background and visual style. And it has no limit in opening applications concurrently.

Due to their immature stage, they have their own differences.

PS: If you are still confused, then refer to this site.

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