Windows 10 and Virus? Any hope for Virus Disappearance?

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Are we going to face the problem of virus in Windows 10? Do we still need to install Anti-virus in Windows 10 and worry about our system? Is Microsoft doing something to remove the problem of Virus from the upcoming version of its OS? Are there anything which the developers are involved in to meet the demand(No Virus) of thousands of users from around the globe?


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Windows 10 and Virus? Any hope for Virus Disappearance?


I guess if you expect a release of future operating system from Microsoft that cannot be infected by any known viruses or is immune to any forms of viruses, I don’t think that will happen. Microsoft Windows is the most popular and the most widely used computer operating system around the world followed by Mac OS X and Linux.

If you don’t know the real purpose of a virus, they are not only meant to infect files and damage the operating system. Their main purpose is to gather as much user information from the computer and send them back to the author or operator. That’s why, since Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system either in business or for personal use at home, it will still be the favorite target.

Mac OS X was once like an immune operating system. Back in the early days when viruses are just starting to infect Microsoft Windows, none has dared to infect or penetrate Mac OS X. So for many years, while viruses are busy with their activities with Windows, Mac OS X has become a virus free operating system and doesn’t require the protection of an antivirus.

But only a couple of years ago, viruses started to infect Mac OS X as well. And since virus programmers are now interested on attacking Mac OS X users, it will continue the same as Windows.

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