Windows XP Security Without Antivirus

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How can i protect my window XP from viruses and from crashes caused viruses without antivirus program?

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Windows XP Security Without Antivirus


Yes off course. But this depends on your situation. If you are transferring file in your computer and you are using USB Device or Flash Drive to do it, you are not safe. Better to have an anti-virus for protecting your computer from viruses.

If you are using your computer without using any devices inserted in your computer. You might be protected. But this will not guaranty you that you are protected for a long span of time.

Anti-virus is a tool for being protected against viruses. Using or without using any flash drive into your computer especially when you are hook on the internet.

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Windows XP Security Without Antivirus



Of course, you can protect your computer from viruses. I know so far that Windows XP is attacked more viruses than other operating systems. You should install an antivirus program to safe your PC.

But if you do not want to install any antivirus programs on to your PC then you need to do the following:

1. Safely power on your computer.

2. Use folder option to browse each drive.

3. Less use others memory devices because it may have viruses which causes your PC crashes.

4. If you want to internet then you should use safe browser to ensure it is secure site.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

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