What are the major sources of computer viruses?

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All tables in the database include columns to record the date and time of last update, the user responsible and the workstation used. Where a record is ‘deleted’, the record is actually retained in the database, but the date and time of deletion, the user and the workstation are recorded.

This system only records the most recent change to each record, but by examining backup copies it is possible to track earlier changes.

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What are the major sources of computer viruses?


In my opinion anti virus companies is the major source of spreading viruses in the computer systems through internet but some companies are legit too they never do this type of actions for the sake of their publicity and in increasing their sales.

It takes too much time to create virus codes the professional program do not have so much time to produce bad programs to waste their time, some times viruses also comes form downloading from the un-trusted sites.

On the other hand the viruses also comes by the Hard drives, Compact Disk drives, Floppy drives, USB drives, and other mass storage devices when the system is not connected to any type of Internet connection, computer viruses are just like human viruses they can pass in the manner by computer to computer, being contagious in a manner plus it ruins your computer like it ruins a body and sharing of one USB drive in several other computers.

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What are the major sources of computer viruses?


Hi Zubin Lenno,

I appreciate you for posting your queries here. There are many sources of computer virus. The following are the top 5 major sources of virus:

1. Downloadable Programs

2. Illegal version of Software

3. Email Attachments

4. Internet

5. Booting from CD

We must be careful when we do one of those things I mentioned above. We must put in our mind the do's and dont's to avoid computer virus that is a threat and vulnerable to our computers. There are several anti-virus software that can protect your computer from viruses. I recommend you to download anti-virus software which is the best in protecting and securing your computer like Defender, Norton, McAfee and etc,.

I hope the information I have given will help you.

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