Will Microsoft Consider the Marketing Price of Microsoft Tablet?

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A Microsoft tablet will put a stop to all questions as to whether or not Microsoft will compete with a hardware partner such as Apple. But will they also compete in terms of cost to a worldwide trending product?

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Will Microsoft Consider the Marketing Price of Microsoft Tablet?


Hi, Allendale2010! The sensational Microsoft’s Surface Tablet is indeed a hot topic for tablet fans around the world. It is rumored that this Microsoft’s Surface Tablet is a rival of Apple’s iPad.  The gadget will be run by Windows 8 and Windows RT Operating System. However, experts said that it pose little threat to Apple’s iPad market dominance.

There are around five (5) differences between the two:

First, the Surface Tablet has a keyboard. Microsoft said that it is better as you can type document faster rather than tapping the iPad’s touchscreen.

Second, the Surface Tablet has wider screen compared to iPad (10.6 inches wide).

Third, there is a big difference between their power (Windows Pro model has i5 Intel processor and has 128GB internal memory while iPad only has 64GB).

Fourth, the Surface Tablet has two USB ports while iPad don’t have any.

Lastly, it has Xbox SmartGlass feature. This SmartGlass feature is for gamers or for those who enjoy watching movies.

You are asking about the price, right. Some articles from bloggers and writers worldwide said that Microsoft is planning a head-to-head price with Apple or a price that is little bit higher compared to Apple.

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