Should I create a new cloud computing system account?

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My iTunes and Apple cloud computing system user email accounts share the same details and I would like to create a separate account for cloud computing. Is it possible to simple remove the account or will my whole system be affected in this action?

Should I create a new iTunes account instead so that I will have a different account from the cloud computing?

Can you please guide me through the process of making a new account for the Apple cloud computing service?

Thank you so much! 

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Should I create a new cloud computing system account?


Hi Josiah,

It is advisable for you to create multiple accounts or an account for every device you have. If you have an iphone, iPad and a Macintosh computer, it would be best for you to have 3 accounts to best experience Apple’s iCloud. The reason for that is, if you only have one account, it will synch all your devices, on this example, 3 devices with the same information on iCloud.

Creating an iTunes account would be the same as creating the Apple account for iCloud. If you are using a Computer, you just need to go to iTunes > Store > Create the account. You need to go to Settings > Store when you are using an iPhone or iPad. More details can be found here


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