Why XP have no option of Backup like “Farstone Restore It” software

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I am using windows since Windows 95. Microsoft Team is promoting windows in order to provide user friendly interfaces, but option of backup of windows and My Computer or local drivers has not been provided by any windows version even in XP. The “Farstone’s Restore It” is the software that provides complete backup facility to user in case of sudden loss of windows and data of local drivers, caused by light fluctuation or virus attack.

Further it facilitates Automatic & Continuous Data Protection, Restores even when Windows fails to start. My question is that why the windows is unable to provide these types of software in the installation of windows.

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Why XP have no option of Backup like “Farstone Restore It” software


Your question seems a bit dubious, but if you're asking why windows doesn’t have a comprehensive backup system or in this case a program with the sort of features that "Farstone Restore" has then… a simple answer or would probably be why should they.

The thing about it is that for big corporations like Microsoft and Apple using third party software is a big issue simply because they'd have to obtain licenses' for it, not only that, if you're been using windows for as long as you say you have then you'd know that Microsoft specifically has been taken to court on numerous occasions in various countries for them to remove embedded software from their OS as a way to loosen their monopoly on the software industry.

If you remember the story of Netscape (browser, probably the grandfather of Firefox), which at one point had just about 80% of the market share, all in all Netscape was a brilliant piece of software, I suppose various factors played a hand in the eventual downfall of Netscape, but if you think about it really, if you're a user and you can get a program free even if it’s a bit crappy its quite likely that you'll still go for it and that's what happened, when Microsoft released Internet explorer in 1995, that was more or less the beginning of the end for subscription based web browsers…

All in all I hope you're getting the point I'm trying to make, though I should mention Windows XP done have a fairly decent backup software, I’ve used it on numerous occasions, it’s not the best but its free  ðŸ˜€

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