Desktop computer hangs while loading desktop

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I have a desktop computer. I use Windows XP as operating system. At present, I am suffering from a problem. When i start the computer, the computer is hung right before it is about to load desktop. I have a fresh operating system installed. So, there is reason to have fault in operating system. I am facing the problem every time. I have tried Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then the computer loads the desktop. I am not sure why the problem occurs. Is my computer shall be in problem for this in future? What is the problem?

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Desktop computer hangs while loading desktop



This is a software problem of your desktop computer. So don't be worried about this, When you start  up the system the system hang out due to the problem with one of the security updates from window, As there is any type of virus or spyware which corrupted any security file.

To verify this is your problem just to reboot your computer within safe mode, If the safe mode doesn't load completely and stopped at Mup.sys, that mean the files up to Mup.sys are loaded but next file can't be loaded.

If it's true just put XP CD in your CD Rom than start windows and when it give the option to install windows or repair the previous version of XP window, you just click on repair the window after repairing you start the window format to drive and scan it for viruses.

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Desktop computer hangs while loading desktop


Hello Masum,

Well this is a common problem and in 90% cases the reason XP hangs up before start up is due to Power Supply. The slightest power change can make certain graphic files not respond which further results the OS to shutdown or freeze.

Here's the way to get rid of this error, Just follow this steps-

Insert your Windows CD, ad go to RECOVERY MODE, now choose your Windows XP Partition 1, Now just type in chkdsk/R and it will repair or fix all the possible errors.

Now reboot once the chkdsk process finishes and thats it.

Hope this works.


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Desktop computer hangs while loading desktop



This is usually problem often occur while using desktop, There are several reasons for this

Some are followings

  • Windows may be corrupt. Reinstall it again.
  • Using heavy Antivirus try another antivirus program.
  • It is might be possible as of registry problem

(For registry you can use  self diagnostic program called a registry cleaner,it can fix  registry errors and found corrupt files in a few minutes ,it will also speed up your computer , there is link

  • Spyware could be the reason so scan your computer.
  • This might be for over cache memory so regularly check your temporary file and delete them. For this you can use Disk cleanup in your windows properties.
  • It depends upon your RAM capacity,Try 1 to 2 GB RAM.



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Desktop computer hangs while loading desktop


Thank you very much,  Freshy. I re-installed windows using Windows installation disc. Thanks

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