Why were my widget Blackberry are slow?

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Hi to everyone,

Why were my widget Blackberry is slow? I just received a gift from a friend, a Blackberry Bold 9900 series. I am having a problem with its widget for it becomes slower and slower when moved. Would you mind to give me some idea to resolve this matter?

 Your suggestion is very much welcome.

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Why were my widget Blackberry are slow?


Hi pal,

Thanks for your question. It is pretty simple to deal with such a problem using a personal computer. As we all know rebooting the computer can help speed up its speed rate. In the case with the phone, I suggest you try removing the battery for 20 second while your phone is on. Then return it and try again. This helped speed up the speed on my phone. I hope this will solve your problem.


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Why were my widget Blackberry are slow?


Hi there Kathryn,

You need to check the memory status of your Blackberry Bold (especially the device memory). Usually the unit becomes slower when or if the memory is very low. In this case, not only the widget could make your unit slower.

Another cause of this is ‘widget overload’ (applications overload). If you have lots of widgets in your unit, and some of these are in ‘automatic update’ mode, imagine if these applications update at the same time. You need to uncheck the automatic update box or remove some of these widgets.

After doing the above procedure, you may perform a soft reset. Then test your phone.

I hope this could help. Thank you for asking.

Best regards,

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