Why my system reboot automatically

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Can anyone tell me why my system is restarting automatically without any interference?
Thank you. 
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Why my system reboot automatically


Hi Dawn rachel,

Sometimes,this could be software related problem or due to virus attack.However,if it occurs during normal DOS operation or while running a well tested application in a virus free system,it could be due to voltage related issues.
1.Please check SMPS output voltages.
If the out put voltages are near the tolerance limit,the SMPS needs to be replaced by higher capacity one.
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Why my system reboot automatically



There are lots of reasons by which it can restart automatically. You didn't mention which OS you are using but lets try some solutions to solve your problem.  May be the system restarting automatically because of the Heat related issues, Virus, Software conflict, Loose connection or Hardware issue etc.

Loose connection: First disconnect  your harddisk /DVD from the Motherboard and then reconnect it. Check your power plug its working fine to avoid loose connection. Check your voltages or replace with high SMPS voltage.

Heat:  Computer are designed now a day that processor exceeded to the certain level of heat its reboot automatically. So check your heat related issue first. Ram sometimes also cause problems. Try another ram on your system to check it.

Virus: There are some computer viruses which reboots your computer without your permission. So scan your System for virus.

Software conflict: In some cases rebooting start after installing any software or driver. If this problem starts when you installed any software or driver remove it from control panel add/remove program and if the issue persist try system restore by selecting to a previous date.

If the problem persists try these steps

1. On the desktop select my computer then right click on it and go to the properties.

2. On the top click on the tab advance.

3. The third option will be startup and recovery click on the setting over there.

4. A window will open. Remove the check from automatic restart and click on ok.

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Why my system reboot automatically


Hello there,

There are two kinds of problems we usually know

1. Hardware problem and

2. Software problem.

Now if that shows any kind of warning or any error message then it could be a software or virus problem. But you did not mention any such problem. So it is totally a hardware problem. First of all check that your computer’s power system is working fine. It’s simple to check. Just disconnect all the connections from motherboard and give power to your power box. If the fan is working for about least 5-10 minutes without any interruption then it is good.

Then check the hard-disk by disconnecting and connecting again. the last thing you can do it check the processor, if that is over heated and the cooling fan is not working so well than you have to change the cooling fan. It would solve your problem.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.

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Why my system reboot automatically


There have usually most ONE problem It was Hardware problem

Right click on <My Computer>.
Click on <Properties>
Click on <Advanced> tab,
Under <Start-up and Recovery title
Click <Settings> button, under <System failure> title unchecked <Automatically restart>
Then unchecked <Send an administrative alert
Then click the <ok> button, then click on <Apply> button,

I hope its should be work

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