Why increasing VM doesn’t has any impact on performance?

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I have changed the virtual memory of my system to 4GB. It was 2GB and it's 4GB now. I was expecting an increased performance but I didn't get that anyway. The performance of my core system is quite the same and so is the case with multimedia applications. Will there be a performance uplift if I increase the VM more?

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Why increasing VM doesn’t has any impact on performance?



Virtual machines are such machines that are using a small part of your native system, locking a specific amount of RAM, HDD and CPU portions. It doesn’t matter how much you increase the system of a virtual machine, it’ll never run like native OS.

Native OS is loaded directly inside the PC’s hardware and is controlling the master. The virtual machines are just like guests – have come to visit the native. Each machine must be run by an OS which the Host OS is using. Guest OS is just sharing the resources – not getting the full access and so, the speed won't go beyond the Host OS.

In order to get better performance, you’ll have to install those virtual machines natively. It’s available to install several OS on same PC. It’ll just take more HDD but give you the full advantage of your entire hardware properly.

This article explains such procedure better.

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