Why do you back up your computer?

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What do you know about the purposes and value of backing up data software to a removable storage device?

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Why do you back up your computer?


Backup is the process of having a copy of data which is ready to get restored incase if it’s required. It is always wise to make backup of your computer as you never know when you would get in the trouble and lose all your data. There are several reasons for which backup of our computer are done.

But mostly it is done to minimize the loss in case of some fatal system errors. To make sure that there is a copy of important documents whenever required in the case of loss of data, the backup is done. There are several software available that does backup from where you can choose as required and even windows also has features of doing backup.

You never know when your computer is going to crash, so it's always better to do backup.

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Why do you back up your computer?


Hi Moka,

Backup to external media is important in that you can:

1. If you loose your file you are working on, you at least have some recent copies that aren't corrupt or lost, you need not to go back to the beginning but just get another copy.

2. If your PCs crash you can still have information hence boosts self confidence.

3. Portability is another important factor as you can move to another machine and still work with.

4. If data is affected on these external media you can still recover using specialized software.

5. They are less costly and lasts for sometime:the CDs goes for up to 10 years.

Thank you.



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Why do you back up your computer?


Hello Moka,

the purpose of a backup is to safe precious data which you never want to lose on any circumstances. Their are many ways on how to safely backup your data, but you asked for the removable storage device. External hard disks, USB, portable devices are the devices comes in the external storage devices most commonly.

Once you safely backup your data, software and documents you will never have to worry about the data you have. The value of backup is when you have a system crash, server crash or internal storage malfunction you can retrieve your data and start working again.

Hope this helps you. Thank you

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