Why do we need to use an OLTP?

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What is an Online Transaction processing system(OLTP)? How does OLTP differ from OLAP? What is it used for?What are the two types of OLTP? What is a TP heavy Monitor and what is a TP Light monitor? Where do we use each one of them? What are the basic two functions of a TP monitor?


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Why do we need to use an OLTP?


OLTP or OnLine Transaction Processing is a class of programs or applications that is able to support transaction-oriented applications over the internet. Online transaction processing systems are normally used for financial transactions, order entry, retail sales, and CRM or Content Relationship Management. These systems have a huge number of users who do short transactions.

One essential quality of an online transaction processing system is its capacity to keep concurrency. Online transaction processing systems are frequently distributed or spread out to prevent single points of failure. One example of an online transaction processing product is the IBM CICS or Customer Information Control System. OLAP or OnLine Analytical Processing is a kind of computer processing that allows a user to view and extract data selectively and easily from various points of view.

Online analytical processing can also be used for data mining as well as to find out earlier unrecognized affiliations among data items.

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Why do we need to use an OLTP?


Online transaction processing (OLTP) system in a data processing system usually used in medical stores, shopping stores, banks etc.

In OLTP – Online transaction processing we can simply process the data and can apply simple mathematical actions, like total sale, items left etc.

On the other hand in OLAP – Online Analytical Processing system we can perform analysis on the provided data, like “reason for decrease in sale” etc.

It is used to save the time and fraudulent activities, it is also used to find the way to increase business by analyzing data.

Two types of OLTP are:

• MOLAP – Multi dimensional analytical processing

• ROLAP – Relational Analytical processing

Transaction Processing (TP) Light Monitor: TP light monitors the database function’s those are not much complex.

Transaction Processing (TP) Heavy Monitor: TP heavy monitor supports the client server architechture which supports very complex and multiserver transections.

Two basic functions of TP-Monitors are:

• It guarantee the integrity of transactions

• It provides resource management and runtime management services

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