How can I use a broadband connection in two pc ?

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I have a broadband connection. I want to use the same connection in my laptop and desktop computer. The laptop and desktop has the LAN port and LAN card has installed both of them. I have CAD 5 cables, a switch, connector.I use windows 7 in laptop and windows XP in desktop. So what should I do to connect both PC to share a broadband connection? 

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How can I use a broadband connection in two pc ?


Dear Net user,

  • At first you need to know that your Internet provider company did not fix up your IP and Physical address of your LAN card.
  • If they did not do this, then you can use two or more computers using this Internet connection.

Please see below procedure.

  1. Attach another LAN card with your Desktop. Now you can see LAN 1 and LAN 2. Please connect Internet cable in LAN 1 and take a cat 5 cable with attached connectors on both sides. Connect one side in LAN 2 and another side in your switch.
  2. Now right button click on LAN 1 and click properties. Here is share option. Please enable LAN sharing with LAN 2. Now take another cable and connect this cable with switch and Laptop. That’s it.
  3. Another way is, you can buy a Broadband router. Internet connection will connect with the Router WAN port and your Laptop and desktop will connect with LAN port of the Broadband router. Need to configure in this broadband router. WAN IP will be providing ISP and LAN IP must be or any free IP.

Hope you got the solution.

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How can I use a broadband connection in two pc ?


Connects the modem to the switch device you have. Switch should have either 4-8 ports for Computer LAN cables (Cat5). Connects desktop unto the LAN 1 and Laptop on the LAN 2.

However, you need to contact your Internet Service Provider on what Internet protocol they used. If they use PPPOE, then this will work but if DHCP and they only provide one (1) IP address to your modem, then the other computer won't work.

By purchasing addition IP address and provisioned multiple connection that the modem can carries, you should be able to connect both computers at the same time.

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