What Switch should i get to fit my Spec

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I'm looking for a switch that can run one system for G @ 2.4 GHz and one system for N @ 2.4 GHz.

I don't have anything that uses the 5 GHz. Can you advocate a switch that can handle it?

I don't want my G contacts to slowly down my N contacts.



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What Switch should i get to fit my Spec


First of all you need to know for what purpose you want to implement a switch. If you are buying a switch. The other possible things are also available for this problem. You need to see that what is your purpose of network, do you require to run a high data or high traffic over a network or you want to implement it for network services. The two are different things and contains different settings. The other thing is that the speed of computer does not suffer your network may be this is a logical error in your question so in this case you can buy any network switch. If you want to maintain your network speed then this really matter. In this case you can do the following things.

1. Configure your network by a fiber optic.

  • You can configure you network by using two fiber modems at both of your end and it will give you the maximum speed in your case study. Then you also need fiber optic to implement it which is a high speed network providing service. The method is expensive and contains a lot of experience.

2. Make changes in network.

  • The other way is that you need to put a switch in your network you can select any switch as the main purpose of any switch is to provide access for traffic. In this case you can install more number of computers so that the date is distributed over the network and the whole process come alive. You can use more then one switch in this case also. 

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