Why do i have popup Windows zoom images error?

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Is it something wrong with my display, because I keep seeing popup windows zoom images error? I heard it can harm my display, please someone explain what should I do.

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Why do i have popup Windows zoom images error?


Hello Toby,

If you are running an Internet Browser and you keep seeing this pop-problems. Then here is what you need to do.

One way to solve this problem is;

  1. Go to your Tools tab.
  2. Click on the Option sub menu.
  3. Find the Contents tab and click it.
  4. Check the Block Pop-Up window.

That should solve the problem. If not then here is what to do.

  1. Go to your Tools tab.
  2. Click "add ons".
  3. In the search bar Type "Adblock Plus"(Adblock Plus is a free ad on created to block all types of harmful pop-ups).
  4. You should now be able to see Adblock Plus in the list of add ons.
  5. Install it, this will eventually restart your browser.

You should now be able to solve the problem. If errors persist. You might have a virus my friend, most of the pop ups has malicious links that throws viruses. If you happen to have clicked on it. Then there is a chance of virus inside your system.

If all steps fail. Scan your computer with your favorite antivirus and hope for the best that your software can detect and remove the viruses.

Else you need to reformat your computer.

Hope this helps you.

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Why do i have popup Windows zoom images error?


Hello there,

If you configured an Engage 09 interaction in a presentation as an image zooms in a new window than it usually shows “page cannot be found” error message during playback. To solve this problem download a file from this link.


Extract the file and copy the flashcommand.js and paste that into the following URL.

X:Program FilesArticulatePresenterplayerscoreplayer

Now republish the image and configure it with your Engage 09 interactions. In the window you will get a checkbox which will allow you to zoom the image in the current window. Then click OK and the problem is solved.

Thank you,

Riley Weaver.

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