Why computer does an automatic restart?

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I don't understand why my computer restarts automatically after every few minutes.

I checked every cable for loose connections, but that did not solve any problem.

So what can be done?
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Why computer does an automatic restart?

Try these few steps.
I hoping it may help.
Make a proper ventilation in your computer. Some computers do not have proper ventilation.
If you have little skills, try opening your computer and make sure it’s not full of dust. Try cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you have enough memory to run your applications. It may also be a case of bad memory.
If you're running a Windows XP, there’s a setting that you can check and try to make sure it will not restart when the error occurs.
Click start menu, then control panel and click performance maintenance, then system. Click advanced tab, then settings in the start up recovery section, then uncheck Automatically restart in the system failure section.
That’s it for now.
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Why computer does an automatic restart?


Dear Khaled Mithun,

Your described problem related to restart computer on its own is quite disturbing and once I have to face the same. Then after searching a lot over net come to conclusion that there is in my case there was a problem of low voltage to the system.

The purpose of telling you all this is that my computer restarted because of low power voltage and I fixed it by using electric stabilizer. Please try this as well if all your connections are properly connected.

Secondly there might be different reasons which could cause this problem to pop. Please check that you RAM is displayed properly into you RAM slot or not. Please also check your power supply using some voltage checker.

Hope this will sort out your problem.

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