Processor upgrading problems (HP Touch Smart PC Desktop)

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I’m having a difficulty upgrading my processor. I have this HP Touch Smart PC Desktop 300-1025 with a motherboard AN APP78-CF JESSE. I was certain that AMD CPU ATHLON II X4 605E 45W AM3 2MB 2300MHZ RETAIL AMD AD605EHDGMBOX meets the CPU specifications but unexpectedly, it didn’t work. The former processor that I’ve been using is this AMD CPU ATHLON II X4 605E 45W AM3 2MB 2300MHZ RETAIL [AD605EHDGIBOX] and it works perfectly. The moment I used the new one, a message appears on my startup which says: “incompatible CPU. ” Now, the problem is, I don’t already have the previous processor. Please tell me what I can do to fix this problem.    

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Processor upgrading problems (HP Touch Smart PC Desktop)


Hello and good day!

Sorry for the delayed response I hope you're still interested in trying to fix this problem. First thank you for supplying the CPU part number as this makes it much easier to help diagnose the problem.

Let me try to explain one possible cause for your new CPU not working on your motherboard. One main distinction amongst the two "similar" processors is their Stepping Code. Now stepping codes are internal revisions of processors that are meant to correct problems or improve the performance of CPUs. They are entirely the same model, brand, etc. But how they handle the data or the materials used in making the processor maybe a little different from each other based on the stepping.

In your case the AD605EHDGMBOX is a newer processor than the AD605EHDGIBOX.

  •     The AD605EHDGMBOX utilizes this stepping code: AADHC AD. (Also this states that the Date Code of your processor which is 0945. This follows the format of YYWW which means this processor was first manufactured 2009 on the 45th week.)
  •     The AD605EHDGIBOX on the other hand uses the following stepping codes: AADAC AD or the CADAC AD depending on which processor you have. (Also the date codes on this are 0906 and 0932 respectively. This states that two revisions where done on this CPU part number prior to releasing one a couple weeks later with an entirely new CPU part number.)

Now the problem is that your motherboard may not have the latest BIOS that supports this new CPU hence giving you the "incompatible CPU. ” error. I suggest you update your BIOS and see if this remedies your problem. One catch though you would need a compatible CPU in order for you to do this, so if there is some way you could borrow a compatible CPU and update your BIOS you are one step closer in fixing this problem. Also this might save you from future headaches if ever you're planning to upgrade your CPU in the near future as this will make your motherboard support newer processors.

You can download the latest BIOS here from HP's website: Download Link
Just follow the instructions given on the site on how to update your BIOS. I hope this fixes your problem.

Have a good day!

More info for your CPU from this site:

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