Maintenance of AMD x64 Processor

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Hi Experts,

I am using AMD Athlon x64 Processor in my system. I want you to give me some suggestions about it's maintenance.

Should I be using an extra heat sink to keep it save from getting over-heated.?

Please share your opinions.

Thank you.

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Maintenance of AMD x64 Processor


There are actually no special considerations for maintenance of an AMDx64 processor. You maintain it the same way you would maintain any other brand of processor.

Here's how to ensure that your AMD processor lasts a long time:

1. Make sure the heatsink and fan are installed properly as per instruction on the processor's installation manual. Let the computer technician at the store install it for you if you don't know how. The stock heatsink and fan is already adequate in keeping your processor in it's proper operating temperature.

2. Keep the heatsink and fan clean. Open your CPU chassis at least once every 3 months and clean up the heatsink with a paintbrush and vacuum cleaner to remove any dust buildup on the processor heatsink.

3. Enable AMD Cool n' Quiet in your BIOS. This automatically adjusts the processor's power consumption (and consequently, the amount of heat generated) depending on the CPU load.

4. Install a temperature monitoring app on your operating system. Core Temp ( is one such tool. You can even configure it to turn off your PC automatically once a certain temperature is reached.  Some applications can even monitor fan speed and voltage on your motherboard to give early warning of hardware failure.

5. Install a 3rd party cooling solution if you intend to over clock your processor.

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Maintenance of AMD x64 Processor



Here are the steps to prevent AMD Athlon x64 Processor from overheating. Because an overheat processor will definitely destroy the hardware and the worst thing might happen is, it'll burnt out the whole computer. So be careful of this happening. So prevention is better than cure, because a mistake might gives you too much headache. The steps are simple to follow. Simple steps but guaranteed results. Follow these instructions/suggestions below;

  • Put your computer or stock with cool place from 22c to 25 c.
  • Don't put or stock in place reaches 28c to 34c.
  • Go get a computer processor cooler.
  • Lower voltage means lower temperature, prevent overheating.
  • Turn off computer if your not using.

These are the steps that surely prevent your processor from overheating. And it is advisable to turn off your computer when you are not using it. This saved you money, energy and processor will not overheat for sure.

Hope this helps. 

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