Which is much better to do?

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What if your personal computer had a virus named Trojan?

One of the Computer Technician says it's okay to just clean it up. Which is more ideal to do, to clean up the drive?

or to reformat your computer? . 


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Which is much better to do?



Best ideal you should do is to reformat your computer to make your disk 100% clean.

Cleaning up the drive is not advisable because it is not 100% cleaning up the folder containing the Trojan.

Trojan is a traitor virus. You must deal with it seriously.

Reformat your computer, setup a latest Operating System and load an updated antivirus. I suggest Windows 7 Operating System.

Thank You.

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Which is much better to do?


Hi Dyl 24,

To straighten thing, Trojan and viruses both of them are malicious and dangerous programs that can do good harm to your computer.
People mostly talking about computer virus and they mistook worm or Trojan horse as a virus, that is some mistake as Trojan is a dangerous program,
And should be treated using different method.
To protect your computer from Trojan attack, you will need to install a firewall in your computer,
The firewall will stop any outflow and inflow of access and you can selectively allow access inside and outside of your computer.
Another way and the most effective way to solve this problem is to format your hard disk, but it might not possible if you have data that is important.
If it is, you can use the code in this post.
Here is what to do, copy and paste the code into notepad, later save the file with any name you want, but make sure to save it in "".bat"" extension
After saving it, copy the bat file into hard disk or partition you wish to remove and destroy the Trojan, run the file by double clicking or press enter.
When you do that, then it will show the files in the directory, finally press the TAB key on the keyboard to choose the file that you wish to delete
prompt $p$g
title algeeroidbiletdoux System FlashX
color 02
ECHO algeeroidbilletdoux System FlashX
dir /a/w
attrib -s -h -r %M%
del /f /q %M%
RD /S %M%
echo MyBox = MsgBox(""File/Folder has been Shredded. File/Folder deleted this way will never go at the recycle bin."", 6000, ""algeeroidbilletdoux System FlashX"") >driveshredder.vbs
start /w driveshredder.vbs
del /f /q driveshredder.vbs
GOTO :Shredder
echo MyBox = MsgBox(""The File/Folder you type does not exist and match in the directory."", 6000, ""algeeroidbilletdoux System FlashX"") >folderatt.vbs
start /w folderatt.vbs
del /f /q folderatt.vbs
GOTO :Shredder
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Which is much better to do?


In order you to decide of which was the best solution, I'll site the advantage and disadvantage.

Option 1

Install anti-virus on your PC. Nowadays, there are lot of anti-virus software you only have to do is to choose the best among all the anti-virus scanner. Once it you download, you run the anti-virus software wait for a second and then on the screen of you PC will appear information with regard on the treat level of the scanned files or program. Restart your computer and you find out that there is some virus again fix it by re scanning the anti-virus again. Once, the anti-virus scanner fix the problem your files remain on your PC.

Option 2

Reformatting of your PC was the worsen thing you will do when there is a virus on your PC. This means that there is a large option on your files that are infected by Trojan virus. Before you reformat your PC you must have a back-up of all your files because once it was reformat all your files will deleted or wiped out.

The best solution was to try to install a best anti-virus scanner before you reformat your computer. Hope I can help you through this a simple advice.


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Which is much better to do?


“Trojan” is not a virus name but the type of virus that infected your computer. The technician’s suggestion is ok. It’s fine to just clean or remove the virus from your computer instead of reformatting your hard drive. Reformatting the hard drive will mean lots of work because you have to install the Microsoft Windows operating system and all the applications currently installed on your computer.

To remove the virus from your computer, you can download Sophos Virus Removal Tool. It works alongside any antivirus program you may have so that means, you don’t need to disable or uninstall your current antivirus to use Sophos. Once Sophos is installed, start Sophos then wait until the virus signature database gets updated. Once update is complete, click to start scanning your computer.

It will scan everything on your computer including external devices connected via USB port like USB flash drive and USB external hard drive. When a virus is found at the end of the scan, remove the virus then repeat the scan over and over until it no longer detects a virus. See if this works.

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