Which is better, PHP or HTML?

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Hi there techyv!

I'm planning to have a self study on web programming.

There was this HTML and PHP programming but I don't know what to start.

Which of the two do you guys think its better and why?


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Which is better, PHP or HTML?


Dear pal,

For easier and a more understandable self studying of web programming. It is highly recommended that you study both the HTML  and PHP programming. This is because the HTML programming has basic forms and steps together with simple links to follow and understand.

The PHP on the other hand contains all the basic skills and scripting languages you will need to develop a good website. Therefore I recommend you to study both. Start with the PHP first and then later the HTML.

This will ensure that you acquire the necessary tools and technological skills necessary to develop unique website. Hope this was helpful!


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Which is better, PHP or HTML?


Dear Pal,

HTML – stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and used for changing the view in client side.PHP – Hypertext Pre Processor and used for changing the view in server side.HTML is easy to understand with some markup tags. Such as

                         My First Web Page Title
         <strong>  I will print in web page body  </strong>

Here you can see some tags in nested, by some close understanding and web help you can grab HTML quite well and easy. PHP is also used to view web page data and used for core functionality. Such as various calculation,user's data capture,database storage integration etc.

So i think you can start with learning HTML and then PHP.

I prefer you to start research on HTML and PHP in accordingly https://www.w3schools.com/html/ and https://www.w3schools.com/php/

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