Which is best- Android or Symbian?

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Which operating system is better – Android or Symbian.

As Nokia, the most selling brand for mobile uses Symbian as its

operating system and Android which is becoming popular recently.

Please explain me which one is better.

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Which is best- Android or Symbian?


Hey Alfred Molina!

Both Symbian and Android are best in their own way. No doubt that Symbian mobile phones are very user friendly and most of Nokia cell phones are Symbian. But now a days Android has replace the Symbian mobile phones. Every company including Nokia is now launching mobiles in Android. Android is a shining star of future. All the software are now coming in Android. The Android operating system has really effect the Symbian Operating system.

I will suggest you an Android operating system if you want to purchase any phone.

I hope you understand it.


Tunacao Caaron

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Which is best- Android or Symbian?


Hi there , 

There is absolutely no confusion in that. Let me say this. ANDROID IS THE BEST. 

Symbian won't even is one percentage better than Android. I have used both. I had a Nokia N95 and a new N79 series mobiles and I recently purchase Samsung Galaxy Y and also Galaxy Note.

Android is simply awesome yar. Go for it.

And buy HTC or Samgsung phones only. I didn't find any good in other companies.

Samsung is the best let me say. Its value for money mobile. One problem with HTC is the Over price and low specs but the HTC sense UI is the best UI i have ever seen. Samsung is a little low in the UI. 

Go for Galaxy S2 or not. 

Good luck.

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Which is best- Android or Symbian?


You're absolutely right, android is definitely much better than Symbian if most of the Software's nowadays are compatible with android. 

Thank you for sharing these information here in techy. 



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