Harddisk recovery please help me fix

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I have a 160 GB western digital hard drive. Recently the power went down and flickered while my computer was on. That caused my hard disk to get corrupted since now it shows only 33 GB of space and the rest is un-partitioned space. I tried removing the hard drive and reinstalling it after sometime but that didn’t help at all.

I tried using some recovery software on it to get back my sensitive data but they cant access the un-partitioned space.

Any ideas on how I can recover my stuff back?

I really need it since I don’t have any back up of that data.

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Harddisk recovery please help me fix



Try to download this software and see if it will help you. "Mini Tool Power Data Recovery". This is due to its ability to search damaged or lost partition, yet to recover data from damaged partition swiftly. Download and run Mini Tool Power Data Recovery, then click "Damaged Partition Recovery" module to perform damaged partition recovery. Below follow the steps and I hope u will succeeds:

Power data recovery

Click "Lost Partition Recovery", user may see:

Damaged patition recovery

Under Damaged Partition system, if partition could normally recognize software and be displayed in the partition list, user should select this partition (E), and then click "Open" on the right function menu bar. Open function is able to load data of not severely damaged partition, normally. Otherwise, please select "Full Scan" which is capable of restructuring and displaying any partition conditions on the basis of remaining partition data information before it was damaged. Similarly, user could recover lost partition with this module if disk partition is badly damaged.

Damaged Partition console

By using "Full Scan", existing partitions can be searched and restructured, yet matching partition could also be searched according to information of lost partition. Then click "Show Files" to preview data information on this partition:

Damaged filres recovered

User could check files to be recovered and save them into assigned location. Thus, Mini Tool Power Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from damaged partition.

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Harddisk recovery please help me fix


Good day, Make sure you have a secondary Hard Drive .

This link will give you idea how to add another drive

Let's get started, you can use the tool called Easeus Data Recovery Software, download it here.
Download the software and install it. Here's my step by step instruction:

1. After installing the software, launch the program. There are three choices, choose partition recovery and click next.

2. Select the disk you want to recover that case is (your 160 GB WD) and click next.

3. Wait for the Operation Searching (scanning the files which needs to be recovered later on from the source Hard drive your 160 GB WD). This operation takes an hour or more depending on the sizes of the files.

4. After done scanning, choose the very first partition one and click next.

5. There you can find raw files and NTFS 1, select the NTFS 1 then click next.

6. Select a path where to save the restored files, in my case E:Restored files (from my secondary Hard drive). Done restoring. You can now reformat your drive.

This link will help you .




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