Where L2 cache is inserted in CPU

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My teacher taught us about Cache Memory. She told about L1 cache but gave no hint about L2 cache. I want to know the exact location of L2 cache in the Computer. What is its use and how it works in co-ordination with L1 cache. What is its maximum capacity. Where is it installed? The Proper Location.

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Where L2 cache is inserted in CPU


Hi Dennis S Stabler,

Cache memory on a computer is used to store data that is used frequently.

L1 cache is usually built into the CPU/Processor of the computer. The cache is used to store data that is MOST likely to be needed by the processor.

L2 cache is secondary to L1 cache in that it stores data that is next in line to be used by the processor. Therefore, if the processor searches L1 cache for the data and it is not found there, then it will proceed to search L2 cache next.

Data stored in L2 cache is usually of secondary priority to that stored in L1 cache.

In older computers L2 cache was built into the motherboard. On newer computers, however, L2 cache is built into the processor/CPU. This increases the overall speed of the computer as the data needed is more easily accessible by the processor.

The maximum size of L2 cache currently stands at about 4MB.

In conclusion, L1 and L2 cache work hand in hand with the processor in order to improve the overall seed of the system. L2 cache is currently integrated into most processors. L2 cache is larger in size, but it is somewhat slower than L1 cache.

Thank you.

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