Where do I get comprehensive information on Serg Archlinux?

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Hi! I am currently using a Linux mint as my operating system. I do not carry out so much work and my computer is not so powerful. I am looking for a light weight Linux that I can use for my light jobs.

I have received recommendations to check out serg archlinux, with the assurance that they have a well researched platform that can best suit my needs.

Anyone out there who has ever used the platform? How light is it? Is it good for someone who is doing web development? Does it accept several open source applications? Thanks.

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Where do I get comprehensive information on Serg Archlinux?



Arch Linux is lightweight, but Lubuntu is even lighter.  Lubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu, which is the leader in the Linux world.  Since all Ubuntu derivatives are well supported by the community, you'll find many people which can help you if you get stuck at some problems. 

Arch Linux is not as well supported, so I advise you to use Lubuntu.  It uses under 100 MB of RAM in normal usage.  Regards.

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