How to change OS on intel compute stick?

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I have one intel compute stick with ubuntu 14.04 LTS pre-installed, which means it has only 1GB of RAM. I want to install Linux Mint in place of ubuntu. Is it possible for me to change its operating system? If someone has done it before, can I get guidelines on how to perform it?

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How to change OS on intel compute stick?



Installing Linux editions are almost same. You can install Linux Mint on a PC that comes with Ubuntu pre-installed. Linux Mint can be used to take over Ubuntu, and your warranty/guarantee won’t be voided.

To do so, first of all, retrieve the ISO of your required Linux Mint edition. Download Linux Mint. Then, create a bootable USB of the ISO. You can use UNetbootin for this purpose.

Then, boot into the USB, remove the “swap” and “Ubuntu” partition and create new partitions in the “Unallocated space”; one as “swap” and another is for installation of Linux Mint with mount point “/”.

This tutorial will be helpful for you. You can also take a look at this tutorial as well.

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