Locating IP Address in a server

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Hi all,

We know about internet protocol.

When we need connection for internet, then IP is needed. We setup IP address on my PC for net connections .

We know IP address location in my PC, but we do not know how to find our IP address on our server.

That means the location of IP addresses in the server.

Advice needed.

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Locating IP Address in a server


Try using this link to locate the location of the server you are looking for. http://www.81solutions.com/index.php

But it also depends on the connection type of the server. 

If it is dynamic, the IP address changes every connection, try to check if the type of network for the server is static. 

Also might I ask why would you want to know the location of the IP address of the server? 

In some countries that would be considered an invasion of privacy. 

An easier way to also do this is to I log in to the server and run the command ipconfig, this should reveal the IP address of the server, also while in dos command also input this as well nslookup xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. 

That should do the trick

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Locating IP Address in a server



  • You could try visiting this website https://www.ip-adress.com/  (its actually wrong spelling) it shows your IP that the ISP gave you
  • But it actually changes time to time because most ISP's use Automatic DHCP.
  • In an automatic DHCP, Ip-addresses are sent out in dynamic meaning it changes from time to time,. EX: if you have an IP of Today ,the moment you terminate your connection that Network is reserved and can be available to others so when you connect again to the internet the DHCP will provide you another IP address randomly depending on a specified range provided by the isp E.G 1-255.


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