Alexa Rank Vs Pagerank in Google.

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Experts, Alexa Rank Vs Pagerank in Google.

Which should we check?

Which is important?

Why are each of these important


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Alexa Rank Vs Pagerank in Google.


Alexa rank is building trust to people who are visiting your site while page rank is getting attention to people only. You may visit the link below to get some information about Google PageRank and Alexa Rank:

Please read about them for you to have a good knowledge about these 2 sites but for me, ranking of your page depends on what you are having if you are going to have a business you may go to Alexa rank but if you want visiting of people on your site the better would be having page rank. They are both important but them different uses.

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Alexa Rank Vs Pagerank in Google.


Both Alexa and Google ranking are important but has different uses.Alexa only count your page visit made visited by visitors. Alexa rank a page by counting page visit or total percentage of visitors. So Alexa does not specify es the proper content value of a website though people visit well content containing websites.

But Google determine your page rank performing different measures.

So Google page rank is more valuable and it tells us the value of the web content. So nowadays advertisers looking forward to well ranked page on Google instead of Alexa. Because top ranked page on Google will appear first in search result and will generate more visitor. So it can be said that Google page ranking help the page to be ranked on Alexa.

However Alexa ranking enhance people by showing total visits.

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