When using headphones, only sound out of one side is coming out

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I am having issues with my Toshiba laptop. It's when I plug the headphones; I can only hear the sound from the right side of it. The left side doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure why there are no sounds coming out.

I am using skullcandy headphones. But even before when I'm still using a headphone from Apple, I am also having issues like this one.

So I'm wondering now if the problem is in my headphones or in my laptop itself. Because I also noticed that the switch for volume on my laptop is having a little issue too.

Whenever I turned the switch up or down to adjust the volume, it skips a little. It will just keep going back and forth.

If someone could help me on the above issues, please do so. I will really appreciate it.

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When using headphones, only sound out of one side is coming out


You may want to test your headphones first before assuming that the problem is with your laptop's audio port.

Try your headphones first in your other gadgets like for example an mp3 player if you have any or any gadgets where you can jack-in your headphones just to test if you will hear a sound on both sides.

But if it’s still the same, the sound only comes out on the right ear then the problem is with your headphones. Maybe you have a loose connection on the left ear of the headphones or there is an open connection inside the headphone’s cord.

The problem with the volume switch of your laptop where it goes up and down whenever you adjust the volume, it’s not the switch that has the problem. It’s the Windows system that controls how the volume is adjusted.

If it exhibits like that whenever you adjust its volume, you may need to consider formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows again.

It is sometimes caused by some of the programs that you install that cause interference-like effect on some components of Windows.

Maybe you have a quite low amount of RAM installed on your laptop and only a few amount of it is left every time Windows finished booting.

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When using headphones, only sound out of one side is coming out



The problem could be that your earphone's inner cables are either lose or they may be broken somewhere.

Or maybe your laptop's sound box is having problems. But to verify that the problem is not or is with your laptop, get just other earphones and plug into your computer, if they work properly then the problem is entirely with your earphones.

So you can repair them or take them to someone to who has knowledge in earphone repair to help you out.

But if the other headphones behave the same way, then sound box might be broken, a case which you will need to replace it, but if you still have the warranty this can be done for you for free from the vendor you bought the laptop from.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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