How to connect my laptops to TV

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What do I need to connect my laptop to TV ? Is it possible or not ?

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How to connect my laptops to TV


Hello Jayson.

Please post you laptop make and model as well as the make and model of the TV that you intend to connect your laptop to.  That would help us to narrow down our choice of answers.

There are several ways to connect a laptop to your TV set and it depends on what connectors are available on your laptop and on your TV set.

Here are a few cases:

1.  Laptop has VGA output and TV has VGA input.  All you need for this setup is a VGA cable similar to what is used in a desktop computer.  Consult your TV's user manual on how to activate the VGA input.

2.  Laptop has HDMI output and TV has HDMI output.  All you need is an HDMI cable.  Consult your TV's user manual for details.

3.  Laptop and TV do not have the same interface.  If the output of your laptop and the input of your TV do not match, you can buy a converter such as HDMI to VGA and vice-versa.  Here's what it looks like:

4.  TV only has analog input.  CRT TVs do not usually have digital inputs.  It has RF or RCA inputs only.  You can use another converter for this case:

Hope this helps!

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How to connect my laptops to TV


Hi, Jayson

There are lots of ways to join the notebook computer for your Television set and it also will depend on what exactly fittings are available on your notebook computer and in your Television set. Laptop computer features VGA end result and also TV SET features VGA insight.

All that's necessary with this build is usually a VGA cable television comparable to what's employed in a new computer's desktop. Consult your own television individual information about how to help trigger the particular VGA insight. Laptop computer features HDMI end result and also TV SET features HDMI end result.

All that's necessary can be an HDMI cable television. Consult your own television individual information for details. Laptop computer and also TV SET do not need identical interface. If your end result of this notebook as well as the insight of this TV SET does not fit, you should purchase a new converter for example HDMI to help VGA and also vice-versa.

Here's what that appears like: TV SET simply features analog insight. CRT Televisions do not most often have electronic digital inputs. It's got RF or even RCA inputs simply.


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