When I have virus and spyware on my PC?

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After getting interrupted from computer software, you need to under go couple of test and then you can find out possible infected files and folder. So you need to removed as soon as possible. Delaying could lead to bad performance, data security issues and in extreme cases, data loss. In this cases you need to think about virus and spyware removal.

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When I have virus and spyware on my PC?


First of all getting spyware and virus in your pc can be done by lot of ways: From browsing bad websites that put infected cookies in your hard drive, from USB flash disk. Spyware is made by intruders who want to violate your pc privacy. The symptoms of an infected pc by spyware is very Visible.

When you do not find some files you stored in your hard drive and when your pc get more and more slow down and when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del you see some new process.

That work in your pc and you do not know them that all mean's that your pc is infected, the solution in this case is to have a good paid antivirus and spyware removal and make a deep scan to your entry hard drive.

Delete all your browsing history (cookies,cache) every day or every week, and the most important thing is do not click on the websites URLs that comes from unknown persons in spam e-mails or Facebook and twitter messages.

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