What’s the method to handle windows installer issue?

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I am sheikhuuu and I have windows XP installed on my computer. The version of my windows is service pack two from 2006. I have got an issue with my windows installer that it keeps popping-up simultaneously and doesn’t perform any further action. I mean to say, my window installer appears automatically and does not move forward to install anything.

The problem’s length is as much that I even cannot install any type of program now. And if I want to install any software the window installer pop-up for a while with an irritating tone/noise and then disappears. I would like to share that I have tried many things to get out of this irritating position but nothing is working for me right now.

To get myself out of this, I first of all updated my windows installer version but no changing occurred in the behavior of my window’s installer. After that, I performed a full maintenance wizard on my PC with the help of a computer optimization app but that didn’t work too. I have checked my pc for any malware or other threads but it’s not affected by these kinds of items. I guess, I have tried each and every reasonable thing to get out of this. But don’t know why I am not been successful in it?

Now my all hopes are with you guys here that you may help me to fix this problem.

I am confused to handle this and want to learn what’s the method to handle windows installer issue?

I’ll be extremely happy to get a clue about this from one of you here (techyv), which I think is very much possible to be done very soon because as far as I have observed; this site is one of the best site to get yourself fix your issue with the help of others online.

So, I am extremely hopeful and waiting for urgent help!

Thanks in advance.

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What’s the method to handle windows installer issue?


Hello Sheikh,

Your Problem can be solved by the following procedures:

Step 1:

Go to Start/Run and type msiexec /uninstall and uninstall it.

Step 2:

Run any cleaning programmed to clean temporary files.

Step 3:

a) Reboot your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 during rebooting.

b) Type msiexec /unreg in run command and press enter.

c) Type msiexec /regserver in run command and then press ENTER.

Step 4:

Enable windows installer. Please do the followings:

a) Type services.msc in run command and press enter button.

b) Double-click on the Windows Installer.

c) If the value in Startup type is currently set to "Disabled" Change it by selecting Manual.

Step 5:

With the help of Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to uninstall any failed products.

Step 6:

a) In run command type regedit, then GO to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerInProgress and right click and delete any entries that you find.

b) Go to Start>Run type regedit, then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlSessionManagerPendingFileRenameOperations and right click and delete any entries.

Hope this will work.

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