Several Technical Problems on Windows XP Computer

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This is Windows XP I am using in my Desktop PC for 6 month. In this duration I have faced many problem and solved many of them. But some problem I could not solved or anyone could not give any suggestion. Now I think I am on the right place and i will get all of my solution here.


1. I install many software in several times and beside uninstall  equally.When  I tried to install newer version and uninstall previous.I do not find the previous.But it says this program is already installed.
2. My Firefox crash in several times due to browsing.
3. Windows restart  in a sudden moment without any reason.
4. "You can not access to this folder"says when try to open a folder.
5. "Can not format this"When try to format the Pendrive.

These are may simple factor but it  give me  tension is  my PC alright?

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Several Technical Problems on Windows XP Computer


It's Look like you are facing the VIRUS problem in these days and it is creating problems in your programs. I am going to tell some reasons and then solution for that kind of problem.

  1. Go to your PC turn it on and when you come to your desktop just do these things.
  2. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL three keys to press at same time. a new box will be opened,
  3. Now go to PROCESSES and see which process are going to play. You have to identify the VIRUS program here to see that just ignore the LOCAL Services and SYSTEM processes only check the services that are running under the user name. When you go through it be care full to select because many of them are run by your windows and they are loaded at the start of your windows boot. When you find the VIRUS here then now what simply you have to do is to remove it to do so just find it and make it delete.
  4. You can also install a Latest VIRUS program for this purpose like NOD32 and many else you can find details on the net. Keep in mind you have to delete it from your computer where ever it is.
  5. OR you can install a fresh copy of windows to make your works effective.


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Several Technical Problems on Windows XP Computer

  • Your PC is not just Virus affected but it also has some Trojans, Malware & Spyware.
  • To resolve this: you would need a better Anti-Virus along with SDFix & ComboFix Softwares, Anti-Virus software that I would suggest you is Avast, all these softwares are available for free.

To commence you have to format your computer first, after format and installation of XP & before installing any other softwares except drivers, firstly you would have to run SDFix Software, thereafter ComboFix software, while running ComboFix please make sure you don't connect to internet, after these setups are completed you would be asked to restart. After restart, install Avast Antivirus and run a scan, quarantine all the viruses and all the problems are now resolved.

Hope this works out for you.

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