What type of people use VMware?

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What type of people use VMware?

Are their developers or programmers working for a certain company or someone who is using an IBM-compatible servers?

Any explanation on this?

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What type of people use VMware?



VMware is a software that uses Virtualization to mimic a physical hardware & software characteristics of an actual computer.

VMware is used by system administrators and developers for either testing applications or patches or to maintain control of all workstations since the maintenance is not per PC, it is within the server providing the Virtualization. Meaning if the server updates a certain application it instantly is carried out to the thin Client computers.

Also for legacy applications no longer supported by advanced servers – Example is VMware is used to run a virtual Windows 2000 server on a Windows 2008 server where in the Windows 2000 server is the one supplying the information to the clients it is connected to not the Windows 2008 server. It's like having 2 or more servers on one machine and they do different tasks.

I hope this helps

Thank you.

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