What should i use Cable or DSL connection ???

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I’m using T1 line but at certain point I need to know what is really applicable for my needs at home. I’ve talked to several IT personnel and they have a different opinion that’s why I’m confused. Can I have cable or DSL connection and what are the considerations regarding network security? any Help

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What should i use Cable or DSL connection ???



 This is a very interesting question indeed and I can understand why one can be confused with the number of options available out there. First of all let me try to explain how each works. A T1 line is a direct, digital line from you to your ISP. You don’t share your network with anybody else and you have a fixed speed of 1.5Mb/s upload and download. This is called a symmetrical signal wherein the speeds of your upload and download are the same. Your transfer rate would be in the range of roughly ~180kbps up and down. Your speed is not also affected by the number of users online at that exact time compared to DLS and cable lines, more on that later.

Now T1 lines isn’t the fastest connection out there and download speeds of DSL and cable lines can dwarf it at times depending on your bandwidth that you purchased. It is also a more secure line compared to DSL and cable line. Now if you do a lot of file transfers such as maintaining a website then this connection is better suited for it otherwise if you spend more time downloading files rather than uploading you should make a switch to the much cheaper DSL or cable lines. Both of these offer much faster download speeds compared to T1 lines, though their upload speeds are much considerably slower (definitely less than ~180kbps if the bandwidth purchased is less than 10Mb/s).

Now for the problem of choosing over cable and DSL one simply needs to take into consideration their budget and availability of connectivity as there is little difference over the two. Now one main downside of DSL and cable lines is that the more people are online the slower your connection is since these lines simply connect you to a bigger network rather than provide you with a private line that you have with T1 connections. But the download speed still surpasses that of T1. Take note this type of connection is not advisable if you maintain a website or do copious amounts of file transfers.

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