How to block unwanted sites in IPCOP?

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My Name is RobertGart, an instructor in Computers. I managed the networking side of our school and I used IPCOP software for our Firewall.

One of the features I configured, is the DHCP server and it works fine. Our admin wants me to block unwanted sites in our network and I know that IPCOP is capable of blocking sites. IPCOP has various add on's. Although, it's a great firewall, it seems to me that these add on's should be incorporated into the basic IPCOP package.

Can anybody help me what add on's are needed for blocking site? and how to configure it?


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How to block unwanted sites in IPCOP?


You could try to run a program to do this or you can set up a proxy server for IPCop or Smoothwall or you can add easily and quickly an entry or anything in the host's file.

Open WS Notepad, type in C:/WINDOWS / system32 / drivers / etc / hosts and also add this entry of Save the file and navigate Google with any browsers.

Thank you very much.

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How to block unwanted sites in IPCOP?


Hi there!

There is an add-on module, the URL filter, which is available for both IPCop and SmoothWall. This add-on module is capable of blocking unwanted sites, domains, and files.

Advantage of this add-on module is that it can readily be use. You just have to download, install and run this module.

You also have access to its settings and set it to what is preferred. URL filter can be downloaded and used for free, just click on the link.

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How to block unwanted sites in IPCOP?


Since you are looking for additional add-ons for your IPCop that can help block unwanted websites in your school, here are several add-ons for IPCop. Also remember that any of these add-ons may not work on the latest version of IPCop.

  • URL filter – this is an add-on module for Linux-based firewall IPCop and SmoothWall. This add-on module extends the functionality of the firewall that enables it to block unwanted files, URLs, and domains. It is based on the popular squidGuard redirector. Visit The URL filter add-on for the download.
  • Copfilter – latest version is 2.0.91beta4. This is an update and includes bug fixes from the previous version. It is now integrated with a flash installer that aims for the stability and the package updates. The main purpose of Copfilter is to give an easy and free solution for users to scan and filter traffic from some unsecure network. Visit Copfilter v2 2.0.91beta4.
  • BlockOutTraffic – also known as BOT. This is an add-on for IPCop 1.4.x that is designed to block all allowed traffic in a normal IPCop installation. You need to create rules to allow traffic. This adds more work but ensures sure traffic in and out of the firewall. Visit BlockOutTraffic [BOT] for IPCop.

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