Fundamentals of Cisco Networking and How to Get Started

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I need help to get started with this technology. I want to learn Cisco networking and I need you to point me in the right direction. There are hundreds of tutorials on this subject but no two tutorials are ever the same. Some are more effective than others. Could you please tell me where I need to go to find the most effective and understandable tutorial on Cisco networking? What advice do you have for a new student of Cisco networking?

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Fundamentals of Cisco Networking and How to Get Started


Hello Joe!

To understand networking, you need to understand how switching and routing. The network interconnects computers by using two (2) devices. Switches and Routers. This devices enables computer to communicate to one another.

Switch (s) is used to connect devices and computers within a building and or campus. We have the unmanaged switch and managed switch. Unmanaged switches lets you access file and cannot change it. While managed switches will allow you to access programs to any computer that is also connected in the network.

Router (s) is a valuable component that is used to tie all computers and networks. Routers also analyze the data and will decide how to send your data to make the transfer of data faster.

Firewall is software that checks ad interprets incoming data and protects your business network against virus, malware or hacking.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): used to let employees access the network.

IP Phone network: combines the computer and telephone network to produce a safer and reliable system (i.e. VOIP).

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