What is a PHP File?

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I don't know what PHP files are.

I have some files from a colleague in PHP files.

How to open them?

Should I install some drivers or software's?

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What is a PHP File?


Hi Angela,

Your question here is about a PHP file, so allow me here to introduce to you about PHP file in a FAQ statements.

What is PHP file?

The answer is, it is a server-side scripting language.

Why did you get it?

If it is intentional sent to you, maybe your friend thinks it will be useful to you.

What do I need to understand PHP file?

You must have a knowledge in HTML/XHTML and JavaScript.

How to use PHP file?

You need a server to run it,  and must install Apache (or IIS) in your server, install PHP, and MySQL Or look for  a web hosting plan that caters to PHP and MySQL support.

I hope this will help you.

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What is a PHP File?


About PHP file agreed with david.

  • To open or run PHP files you need to install wamp server on your windows.
  • Copy all PHP files in www folder you can find it in C:wamp
  • Run wamp server
  • Open browser (firefox)
  • In address bar open http://localhost/ABC.php

Note: Replace ABC to the file name which you want to open.

Hope this will help you to run PHP files

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